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Criteria Description
Seeking Tech-Enabled Business Service Companies
Classified #: 201207-1

EBITDA: $2 million


We are a west-coast based private equity firm. We seek to acquire tech-enabled business service companies nationwide with at least 2 million EBITDA across a variety of industries.

Looking For Healthcare, Software, or Tech Enabled B2B Services Industries
Classified #: 201109-1

Investment Funds: $10 million to $20 million


We just raised a micro PE fund and are currently reaching out to middle market M&A advisors to get added to their contact lists and see if they have any deals in the market that match our investment criteria. In general, we are looking to write a $10M – $20M equity check in a company with recurring revenue across the Healthcare, Software, or Tech Enabled B2B services industries.

Centered On Owning High-Quality Businesses
Classified #: 200916-1

Cash Flow: $1 million +


Our Company is a long-term focused private investment firm centered on owning high-quality businesses. We are focused on businesses that have management in place, recurring revenues, high margins, and post-tax cash flow over $1m per year. We ideally would like to purchase a business we could hold for decades and are looking to buy businesses at a minimum of 20% post-tax cash flow yield. We are interested in almost all businesses except: cyclicals, construction, metals/mining, restaurants (unless franchisors), and chemicals.

Seeking To Acquire 100% Of High Margin B2B Service Business
Classified #: 200916-2

Revenues: $4 million to $40 million
EBITDA Margins > 15%


My Company is actively seeking to acquire 100% of a high margin B2B service business. My investor team consists of over 10 highly distinguished business leaders, including current and former CEOs as well as senior investment banking, hedge fund and private equity professionals.

My core investment criteria are as follows:

Company Criteria:
$4M-$40M Annual revenue
EBITDA Margins >15%
High degree of recurring revenue
Limited CAPEX requirements
Owner seeking a full exit

Target Industries:
Tech-enabled services
Building Inspection Services
Warranty, Repair, and Maintenance Services
Business Process Outsourcing
Healthcare Services
Payment Processing

Pursuing Businesses With Positive Cash Flow
Classified #: 200828-1

Purchase Price: $10 million
Net Income: $250,000

Ecommerce, B2B

I’m the CEO of an investment group that is looking for businesses that are generating positive cash flow with an asking price of up to $10M – Senior Care, Plumbing, HVAC, Manufacturing and eCommerce – Westcoast and NY – Annual Net Income of > $250k. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Seeking Listings Available With Required Criteria
Classified #: 200820-1

Purchase Price: $300,000 to $500,000
Net Profit: $100,000 to $120,000


Listing price ~$300 – $500k
ROI ~2-3 Years
Net Profit ~ $100-$120k
Inventory – None
Please advise should anything matching the above criteria become available.

Looking For Something More Passive With Potential
Classified #: 200818-1

Purchase Price: $500,000
Revenues: $100,000+


I need a site in the <$500k range making $100k+. I'm looking for something more passive with potential, ie. content, SaaS, forums, or whatever — and we're not interested in eCommerce or Amazon FBA. Deep experience. Ready to move.

Ecommerce Acquisition Opportunity For Canadian Based Client
Classified #: 200814-1

EBITDA: $1 million
Revenues: $8 million to $40 million


Our Client is a Canadian based entrepreneurial investment fund seeking to acquire, accelerate and grow a single business. They are looking for an owner of a medium-sized ecommerce business planning to gradually reduce day-to-day management and divest the business.

Location criteria- Canada and US Only (first priority to Canada, second is US)

Domain- Ecommerce Industry

Financial Criteria:
Minimum EBITDA $1M
Revenue between $8M – $40M (Preferably $15-$40M)
Large market 1B+
Moderate to low CAPEX
Significant growth avenues

Aged Businesses In Decline
Classified #: 200811-1

Purchase Price: $250,000


I have closed on a couple of small (under $250k) turn around businesses in the last year. I am looking for aged businesses (4+ years) but in decline with sellers of distressed businesses.

100% Acquisition Of B2B Tech Companies
Classified #: 200804-1

Recurring Revenues: $3 million to $4 million


Acquisition Mandate:
* 100% Acquisition of B2B tech companies with recurring revenue
* We typically pay <2x ARR, and thus tend to buy low growth or under-performing businesses
* Valuation multiple is generally a function of renewal rate and gross margin

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