Earn Up To A 15% Referral Fee

Potentially Worth Tens, if Not Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

If you have a business contact, friend, or family member that has an internet business which they are considering selling, we would love to hear from them! We have more than 20 years of  experience in the industry valuing and selling online businesses and a distribution list of over 20,000 clients. We’ll work with them to understand their business, prepare it for the market, and sell it for top-dollar — allowing them to exit on a high note.

And as a thank you for your referral, should they choose to list and sell their online business with our firm, our Referral Program will pay you up to 15% of the commission* we collect for the service. Most website businesses sell for many hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, which means your referral fee could be worth a tidy sum. There is no limit on the amount you could earn and no involvement required on your part… refer your friend and we’ll handle the rest!

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One of our Referral Partners Just Earned $50,000!
“The CEO of one of our portfolio companies was exploring a sale of the business in which he was the majority owner. The operation is a vertically focused SaaS business. In our experience, we have found that finding a buyer can be a little more challenging when there is a specific vertical focus. You need a broker with a broad network to maximize the outcome. 
A colleague of mine had mentioned a favorable experience working with Website Properties, so I decided to refer our founder to the team. He ultimately felt comfortable with WSP’s ability to market the opportunity. The WSP team produced the desired result for all involved. We couldn’t have been more pleased as it made us look that much better for having made the connection to WSP.
The WSP referral program makes it only that much easier for me to send founders their direction.”
Chris R.

* Conditions Apply