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Each day we are contacted by buyers looking for a “particular business”. Often their criteria or industry niche is very specific and may not match what is currently available for-sale online. They leave us their details and request we keep on the lookout for a good match.

If you or someone you know has an online business for sale that matches any of the criteria below, give our online business brokers at Website Properties a call. We have a buyer looking for you!

Criteria Description
Purchasing A Business This Year
Classified #: 210310-1

Purchase Price: $2,000,000
Net Income: $700,000

Ecommerce, SAAS

I will be purchasing a business this year; I will also be looking online in addition to researching my local market here for a potential purchase.

~Max Price: $2,000,000
~Min Net Income: $700,000
~Audited Financials: 3 years
~Min Age: 5 years
~Strong Customer Retention
~Predictable Income
~Owner CarryBack: Yes
~Rev/Income: 24%
~Training Term: 90 days

~Independent: Yes
~Amazon: No
~Dropship: No
~Facebook: No

~Convertible Note
~Zero Coupon Bond

Preferred Business:
~Brick & Mortar – unskilled labor postions

Actively Acquiring Brands
Classified #: 210209-1

EBITDA: $75,000 LTM

Ecommerce, Amazon

We are a venture-backed commerce platform actively acquiring ecommerce businesses with a focus on Amazon FBA. We believe the next generation of household brands will rise out of the Amazon marketplace and our purpose is to find, acquire, and grow those brands.

Target Criteria
-75% ecommerce (Amazon, Shopify, etc.)
-50% North America
-2 years operating history
-Proprietary product (no resellers)
-Category agnostic

Differentiators as A Buyer
CERTAINTY – committed, pre-approved capital for deals within our criteria
SPEED – dedicated team of professionals ready to close deals in 30-45 days
EFFICIENT DILIGENCE – Amazon selling veterans asking the right questions
GROWTH EXPERTS – ecommerce veterans experienced at scaling businesses
ENTREPRENEUR FRIENDLY – ongoing seller engagement if desired, clean cash out if preferred

Founded To Acquire Sustainable Businesses And Make Private Investments
Classified #: 210204-1

EBITDA: $750,000 – $3 million


We are a firm founded to acquire sustainable businesses and make private investments. Alongside my associate, we are building relationships to find the right acquisition.

Specifically, we are looking at enterprises with an EBITDA of approximately $750K-3M annually.

Focused On Buying And Building A Company
Classified #: 210203-1

EBITDA: $750,000 to $3 million

Ecommerce, SAAS

Focus: Seeking a small and thriving company whose growth we can take to the next level.

*Growing industries
*Preferred industries, Tier 1: Vertical SaaS, tech-enabled services. Tier 2: behavioral healthcare services, corporate training, e-commerce
*Minimum market size: $500MM with a preference for $1BLN+
*Not a fit: general construction, brick & mortar retail

*Based in Western US or relocatable
*Motivated seller
*Diverse and loyal customer base
*Competitive differentiation e.g. IP, know-how, etc.
*Three or more years of profitable, operating history
*Highly scalable business model (we want to take the company to the next level)

*Annual EBITDA: $750,000 – $3,000,000
*Growing revenues
*High gross margins / demonstrated operating leverage
*Low annual capital expenditure and working capital needs
*High percentage of recurring revenue strongly preferred

Private Equity Group With Sweet Spot For Internet Based Companies
Classified #: 210129-1

Net Profit: $500,000 +


We are a private equity group (PEG) that has a sweet spot for internet-based companies, excluding eCommerce, crypto and a few select other categories.

Preferred categories are SaaS, newsletters, podcasting, communities, agencies, remote work and Shopify related businesses (through WeCommerce).

Additional criteria includes:

· 3-5 years operating history
· Net profit greater than $500,000
· A quality team in place
· Founders can want to stay or go

Looking To Grow Amazon Portfolio
Classified #: 210125-1

Monthly SDE: $150,000 to $400,000
Valuation: $1 million to $2.2 million


We are looking to grow our portfolio of Amazon native e-commerce products and companies, and we have a specific type of business we’re looking for. Our target companies have monthly SDE of ~$150k – $400k and are valued between $1m – $2.2m.

Currently Seeking US Based Control Acquisition Opportunities
Classified #: 210108-1

EBITDA: $3 million


Our Company has fresh capital to deploy and is aggressively looking for new acquisitions and investment opportunities. We are currently actively seeking US based control acquisition opportunities (Min $3 M EBITDA) in the following sectors:

-US Based Manufacturing (Contract/Niche/Heavy)
-Industrial Services (Maintenance/Repair/Installation/Support)
-Value Added Distribution / Supply Chain
-Industrial Automation
-Engineering, Design, Procurement
-Federal Contracting (Defense/Non-Defense)
-Aerospace (Maintenance/Testing/Support Related)
-Value Added Commercial Printing
-Marketing Services / Agencies
-B2B Business Services

Canadian Based Client Looking For Acquisition Opportunities
Classified #: 210106-1

Revenues: $5 million to $40 million
EBITDA: $1 million


Our Client is Canada based entrepreneurial investment fund seeking to acquire, accelerate and grow a single business. Looking for an owner of a medium-sized business planning to gradually reduce day-to-day management and divest the business.

Location criteria : Canada, US, Europe and Australia

Domain : E Commerce

Financial Criteria client is interested in:

Revenue between $5M – $40M (Preferably $15-$40M)
EBITDA around $1M
Moderate to low CAPEX
Significant growth avenues

Would Like To Purchase An Online Business
Classified #: 201217-1

Purchase Price: $200,000 to $ 1 million


I am looking for an online business for sale. My budget is between $200K – $1M. I open to suggestions BUT I am not looking for any eCommerce or dropshipping businesses. I am looking for a website where most of the traffic comes organically.

Well Qualified Buyer Looking To Acquire A Small Business
Classified #: 201217-2

EBITDA: $1 million to $2.5 million


I lead an entrepreneurial investment firm looking to acquire a small business with $1-2.5M in EBITDA. We have immediate access to capital. We are focused on meeting the following criteria:

The Business:
• Industry agnostic
• Steady growth (~5% YOY top line for the last 3-5 years)
• 30%+ gross margin
• Demonstrated 3-5 year profitability
• Opportunity for improvement (ex: operations, people, marketing)
• Does not require owner expertise (We want to learn the business)
• Repeat customers
• Barriers to entry
• Possibility of eventual absentee ownership

Size and financials:
• 1 – 2.5M EBITDA

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