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Criteria Description
Currently Seeking To Buy An Online Service Business
Classified #: 210510-1

SDE – $350 to $500


I’m seeking to buy an online service business generating $350-$500 SDE in the coaching and development industry for the opportunity to grow our startup through acquisition. We are looking to buy cash.

Seeking Deals In Education, Staffing, Healthcare, Business Services
Classified #: 210505-1

EBITDA/SDE: $0.5 million to $5 million

SAAS, B2B, B2C, Content Portal

We are a thesis-driven investment firm seeking deals between $0.5M-$5M of EBITDA/SDE in education, staffing, healthcare and business services.

Seeking To Acquire A Branded Products Company
Classified #: 210504-1

Revenues – $2 million


Our Company has been retained by a Strategic Buyer Client who is seeking to acquire a Branded Products Company anywhere in the US preferably with revenue less than $2M (although they may consider larger businesses). Our client has experience with cutting-edge marketing and technology practices to accelerate growth of small businesses within the digital age. They are agnostic to the type of business and would consider various industries with preference in consumer-related businesses such as consumables, apparel, cosmetics, food/beverages, etc.

Our Client is well capitalized and has the expertise, infrastructure and capabilities necessary to purchase and operate another business.

Focused On Micro-Cap Buyouts
Classified #: 210430-1

EBITDA: $1 million to $10 million


Our family office is focused on micro-cap buyouts — $1-10mm of EBITDA. We’ve closed two deals recently and are hoping to put more equity to work in the next two years. We tend to buy B2B recurring revenue services and software and are especially focused on two spaces: pet/vet/animal health and digital media services.

What We Are Looking For In A Shopify Business
Classified #: 210423-1

Profits: $10,000 to $30,000 per month

Ecommerce, Dropship

This is what we are looking for: Shopify list

• Store must consistently sell more than 1 product
• Doing 90%+ sales on Shopify
• doing 10-30k a month in profit consistently for the last 6+ months
• Store started in 2018 or before
• Dropshipping or 90%+ dropshipping
• No physical location (Or if there is one something we can quickly get rid of and move to remote)
• Few US employees (Less than 5)
• Virtual assistants already on the team is a plus
• Stay away from any products that could be considered a fad or seasonal
• Stay away from any products where it is hard to prove the product works (Supplements, CBD, hemp etc)
• Stay away from any products that use other people’s trademarks or licensing (BTS, NFL, NBA etc)
• US based

Interested In Amazon Businesses
Classified #: 210421-1

Purchase Price: $1 million


Looking to deploy 1 mil+ in Amazon businesses.

Starting To Look For A Few Acquisitions In The Ecommerce Space
Classified #: 210419-1

Purchase Price: $500,000 to $5 million


I operate a bootstrapped ecom fund holding a few dozens direct-to-consumers brands in portfolio. We just opened offices in Dubai in order to start our acquisition strategy. We have access to funds during the next 24 months and would like to start the first few acquisitions before September.

We’re focusing on deals between 500k and 5m, in the ecommerce space, with no or little presence on Amazon, any geo, at least 24 months old. We analyze everything within that spectrum.

Purchasing Amazon Businesses
Classified #: 210329-1

Purchase Price: $250,000 to $2 million


Please keep me apprised of any Amazon FBA listings ranging in price from $250K to $2M.

Small Business Owners Acquiring Businesses
Classified #: 210324-1

Revenues: $5 million to $25 million
EBITDA: $1 million to $3 million


They are small business owners that have been around family businesses their entire lives. So, their preference is to acquire a family owned business without a succession plan.

They have their own equity capital, and they plan on being patient, long-term owners. They are interested in acquiring a business with $5-25M in revenue and $1-$3M in EBITDA.

Industries of interest include food (QSRs, contract food manufacturers), healthcare services, light industrial (e.g. precision metal manufacturers, tool and die shops), packaging, and specialty distribution.

In The Market For Amazon FBA Businesses
Classified #: 210322-1

Revenues: $1 million to $5 million
EBITDA: >15% margin


We are buying FBA businesses. We would be happy to discuss any opportunity that meets these criteria:

~ We aim to buy 100% of the business in a form of assets or an entity
~ Private label with Brand Registry (trademark registration implied)
~ >80% revenue coming through FBA program
~ No heavily seasonal products (only exceptional one)
~ EBITDA/ SDE margin >15%
~ Product price >$10 per item (>$20 preferred)
~ >15% YoY EBITDA/ SDE growth
~ Marketplace geography: US, UK, DE, CA >85% sales
~ Revenue size $1-5 mln annual revenue
~ Categories/ niches agnostic, except heavily impacted by COVID (both significantly positively or negatively)
~ Team geography: any (EE, EU, US, CN)
~ Type of account: any (individual and business)

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