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In an age driven by technology, is a fantastic ultra premium generic domain name to own! Nanocomputers are the near future of the American industry.   The next generation of computers will massively use nanotechnologies, making smartphones obsolete.   See the last article on

Dr. Rickert, an American pioneer in the field of nanotechnology, believes that the nanotechnology industry could trigger the renew of  US American economic power. After the Nanomanufacturing Summit and Annual NanoBusiness Conference (25/27 Sept. 2011) in Boston where  250 nanotechnology leaders from science, business and government gathered to take stock and look ahead, he went to the following conclusions:

Three crucial transformations are coming together to reshape business and the economy.

•    Nanotechnology commercialization is a fact.

•    Nanotechnology will lead the U.S. out of the economic slump and into global strength.

•    Private and public sectors are working together to make sure that happens.

Dr Rickert explains that regarding commercialization,  "Nano-companies are defying Wall Street woes and going public. And even academics were talking about business plans, not prototypes. The virtually infinite platform of nanotechnology is now powering scores and scores of vertical markets through partnerships, customer relationships and licensing. It's now widely accepted as the strong, innovative link in existing—and profitable—supply chains. In fact, for many large companies, nanotechnology is now simply business as usual".

For the near future, he sees that "Nanotechnology is becoming, quite simply, the new normal in manufacturing. That capability is the driver that is taking the U.S. out of the economic doldrums and into global strength. The country accounts for about 35% of the global nanotechnology markets. That's 35% of a $1.6 trillion market by 2013".

Having launched the blog in October 2011, traffic has been climbing steadily ever since reaching nearly 30,000 visits in June and perhaps nearing 100,000 visits in the coming months after a small lull in the summer vacation months.

Acquisition of is a great opportunity to dominate this internet business niche.  It has great possibilities to be further developed as an informational portal in the multi billion technology industry.  This is also an excellent acquisition to create into or for an existing full blown ecommerce website business for the NanoComputers segment of the nanotechnology industry.  

Note Regarding Traffic Stats: The monthly traffic stats shown are for Visits not Unique Visitors.  The site tracks stats this way because they have a lot of big universities and laboratories using one sole IP address for many users, like the university of Cambridge, Hopkins University, UCLA, Wisconsin University, Technion University in Israel, etc... making it a more accurate count of traffic.

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