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How to, Celebrity and Entertainment Content Portal and CPC Advertising Website

Asking Price: $150,000

One of the biggest and most important changes on the Internet has been the way we find content.  Where Search has been King for many years (Google, Bing, Yahoo), more and more advertising dollars are shifting in response to the “Rise of the Content Discovery & Delivery engines” (Taboola, Outbrain).  Surfing the Internet, we usually navigate through the multitude of sites and pages through searches, suggestions and shares from people in our networks to find content.  With the advent of new platforms, how we discover content has fundamentally changed.   Content discovery is no longer a simple query based on user input. Now, content discovery is automated, personalized, and much more contextual than ever before and it’s continually evolving. There is a shift underway...a shift from Search to Discovery.

Algorithms are now being created that use artificial intelligence to go out and find that content for you. It’s personalized to your interests and based on what you’d like to see in the moment.  Content discovery engines uses these algorithms to comb the internet and “discover” relevant, personalized content, much of which would never be found by simple search. 


This website is a CPC ecommerce business that leverages this industry shift in content discovery and the rise of content discovery engines to generate a solid and significant revenue stream in a 100% virtual business.


The businesses product is compelling content. The owner hires a content writer to create new content articles each month.  Each article contains a series of pages that is compelling, current and engaging.  Accompanying the custom content on each page is a collection of ad material.  Visitors clicking one or more on page advertisements generate revenues for the business.


With no physical products, no customer service and content creation outsourced, this business is 100% virtual, a source of passive income and capable of being easily scaled.  Content giants and are built on this same model proving the concept, scalability and potential of this business model.


Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $296,915
Cash Flow $135,483
Archive Date 05-23-2016
Status Archived
Year Established 2014
Employees 0
Inventory 1
Other Information
Category Authority/Information Portal
Industry Internet
Location USA, Washington (King)
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available No
Income Sources Advertising/PPC/Adsense

The business model of this website is scalable by its very nature. Growth can be attained by the addition of new engaging content and associated advertising campaigns or by increasing the budget available to existing content with a positive ROI.  This allows the new owners the scale up or down the business based on the resources of both time and finances available to them.



There are many websites in the internet that generate income through content delivery and on page advertising. That said, this industry is massive and the number of competitors is not really a relevant factor in gaging the potential success of any given content piece and it associated advertising campaign. The real key to success is the creation of timely, relevant and engaging content. The owner has developed a formula for creating and testing his content that ensures only positive ROI material receives advertising funding.


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