For Sale:

Mobile App SAAS Business with Recurring Revenue

Asking Price: $350,000

For sale is a profitable SAAS business in the exploding Mobile App Market!  The site offers a premium software marketed to the ultra, white hot App Developer Market. This business is built as an SAAS tool with recurring revenue and ad network platform capabilities.  It has 4 primary components that provide specific tools to the end users that consist of: Development, Marketing, Optimization and Templates.  This business has strong customer loyalty, key joint venture partners, a fully trained team that runs the business, and is the gold standard in its niche.   


The build time on a SAAS project like this is approximately 2 years and carries a lot of risk.  Already built, tested, upgraded and proven, the company is a trusted brand name in the App space and enjoys a loyal following.   There is direct opportunity for new owner to do a new product launch with current owners that is estimated to do $1mm to $3mm in sales.  With its established foundation and product launch opportunity, this is a great business in a rapidly expanding market with massive upside potential for incredible growth!  


Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $328,720
Cash Flow $151,801
Archive Date 06-11-2015
Status Archived
Year Established 2012
Employees 0
Inventory 1
Other Information
Category E-Book/E-Product/Newsletter
Industry Internet
Location USA, California (Los Angeles)
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available Yes
Income Sources Access to Site/Memberships

The mobile app market has exploded and continues to grow as well as morph and expand into exciting new areas of users’ lives.  Mobile devices are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives each year. Mobile apps are big business and not just fun little games.  Entire homes are being run by mobile apps, cars are integrating mobiles apps, home appliances are integrating apps, and of course, the majority of the enormous market of handheld devices is dependent on mobile apps. 


Local businesses are turning to mobile apps for innovated marketing solutions and new customer acquisition. And millions of people are rushing to the race to cash in on this modern day gold rush. The business provides a top quality solution to new and seasoned developers alike to create an app business from A-Z and in this expanding market, this business is positioned for massive growth and expansion in direct proportion to the market growth and projections.


This SAAS tool is the gold standard in its niche making it stand above the limited competition out there. 


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