For Sale:

Cash Flow Opportunity Through Monetized Toll Free Numbers

Asking Price: $300,000

Telephone companies “lease” numbers to customers.  When customers no longer need the numbers and when numbers are disconnected, callers hear disconnect messages until other customers lease the numbers.


The main company is a media network and information marketplace.  By leasing these once active telephone #s the company creates a media network and has monetized their acquired telephone #s by creating a venue for advertisers to place ads and reach callers who continue to dial these numbers and who need assistance connecting to their intended destinations.   The company's media network inserts advertisements into phone calls and other digital communications and generate leads for businesses.  The proliferation of smart phones and social networks has caused explosive growth of the world’s connection attempts.  Today’s market is the fastest growing and always connected audience of prospective purchasers, making it the premiere marketing channel for a one to one relationship with new and existing buyers.   Additionally, research shows that calls are much more effective than clicks in generating a sale*.  This is indeed a huge audience for advertisers, providing them a marketing opportunity not to be missed.  This listing provides the opportunity for investment in a pure cash flow asset.


It is contemplated that the main company will create a special purpose entity under the laws of the State of Delaware established solely for this sale into which the main company will contribute substantially all of the assets related to the business reflected on the following financial statements including approximately 80,000 toll free numbers, associated media network audience of approximately 650,000 calls per month, all agreements with advertisers, telephone companies, as well as any other aspects necessary to continue business operations of the pool. The prospective buyer may, at its discretion, acquire such assets or all of the outstanding equity interests of the special purpose entity. If the prospective buyer prefers to be hands off and enjoy a great passive income source, the main company is happy to continue to manage and grow operations for a management fee for the long term or for a specified transition period. Otherwise, a prospective buyer can take over management and handle operations in-house. In either scenario, this acquisition provides an opportunity for large returns through growing profits in an exploding industry!


 * Marchex 2012

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $819,913
Cash Flow $197,716
Archive Date 10-02-2013
Status Archived
Year Established 2012
Employees 0
Inventory 1
Other Information
Category Advertising Directory/Incentives
Industry Telecommunications
Location USA, Florida (Saint Johns)
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available No
Income Sources Advertising/PPC/Adsense

The main company's media network and information marketplace presently answers both domestic and international traffic from users generated by telephone calls and other digital communications.   The company grows even larger as it expands into related mediums and acquires rights in and control of cellular, text message, email, Internet and other digital connections which run into the trillions per year.   This is an outstanding business opportunity for any buyer looking to acquire a pure cash flow business asset that has been tremendously successful in its market with the potential to ride the wave of the company’s greater expansion for future growth!



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